Problems Registering

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Problems Registering

Postby davidparr on Fri Dec 15, 2017 8:33 pm

Recently, I’ve been contacted by a number of people who’ve had problems registering for the site and getting their new account activated. Sorry for the frustration. Here’s the problem. When we launched the site, we put some safeguards in place to prevent false registrations by spambots. Well, the spambots have become more sophisticated and are now able to get past the blocks. The site has been inundated by false registrations, a deluge of them, hundreds every day. It became impossible to sort out the real registrations from the false ones. I haven’t had time to explore possible solutions to this problem. So here’s a workaround: if you registered and are an actual human and not a spambot, please send an email to me (david[at]davidparr[dot]com) with your registered username and email address. With that info, I’ll be able to search through the database and activate your account.
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