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Postby davidparr on Mon Apr 06, 2015 2:59 am

To the folks who have just registered for the site or who are thinking about registering: Hello and Welcome. I'm David Parr, the site owner. Tracy Atteberry is the webmaster.

Many areas of this site are closed to unregistered users. Registering allows access to the main forum, the Lobby. We have admin-approved registration here. That's the only way to filter out spam registrations. After filling out the registration form, your newly created account goes into a moderation queue, where it can be reviewed by an admin (me) and activated (in the case of a human magician) or deleted (in the case of a spambot or doofus). You will receive an email message when your user account is activated, so it's best to register with a genuine email address. When you receive word that your account has been activated, log in with your user name and password, and you'll find that you can enter the Lobby. Commence exploring!

For information on how to access our private forums — the Lounge, and (dark)Arts & (witch)Crafts — please see this thread:


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